Roman(tic) Bath Daytrip

           This has been a much anticipated trip of mine and has been number one on my list of daytrips to do from London for a while!  The day started with a bit of a frantic journey as we left the house a bit later than we had hoped for to Paddington Station, but still managed to make it on the train with 10 minutes to spare. Bath did not disappoint in resembling what I had expected of a traditional English town. This town is signature for the Roman Baths and its 5 story houses all lined up perfectly in the colour spectrum of white to a dark beige. I mainly spent my time walking around the city center which makes a trip to Bath definitely doable as a daytrip.

My arrival to Bath was an incredibly rainy one which allowed me to truly experience gloomy England weather. I have been in England for 5 months but I have to say that there has not been too many rainy days, maybe a few more than I can count on all my fingers. We arrived around noon so our first stop was lunch. We decided to go for a classic pub lunch and stumbled upon The West Gate which had positive reviews on google, boasting a 17th century interior with good food. The pub was huge so I assume it gets quite busy during the later hours but we were lucky to enjoy it at a non peak time. I ordered a Macaroni and Cheese with pulled pork which was incredibly delicious. After lunch, we were hoping that the rain would have stopped (weather forecast said it would stop by 1pm), but unfortunately the rainy forecast continued, but that didn’t stop us from making our way to the Circus and the Royal Crescent. I don’t think I was able to enjoy these two sights as I hoped due to the rain but I would still recommend it as a must see! The two sights are both beautiful Georgian architecture and my favourite part of this was admiring how people actually live in these two famous landmarks!



Royal Crescent



We then made our way to the Roman Baths! We spent a solid 2 hours or so in here as the layout of the baths requires you to walk through a series of displays informing you of the history of the Baths. This is all done through an audio guide that you pick up after paying for admission with which you can select your preferred language. I personally am not a fan of audio guides as I find myself too focused on listening to the audio than actually taking in what is infront of me. My favourite part of this whole experience was of course seeing the famous Bath itself. It looked exactly like what I had seen a million times over on Instagram which had made me drawn to visiting Bath in the first place and is definitely a beautiful sight! I also had a chance to taste the spa water which I would still recommend for pure curiosity, but it certainly was not delightful. At the end of our time in the Roman Baths, we still had a few hours left before our train back to Paddington Station.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We stopped at Waitrose for a quick snack fuel and made out way to Pultenay Bridge. There are a few cute coffee shops on the bridge (I didn’t get to try…but do try it for me haha!) We decided to go for a stroll along the East side of River Avon and then made our way to Alexandra Park. This park is somewhat of a hidden gem because despite my research on what to do in Bath and my obsessiveness with reading travel blogs, I found close to few that actually recommended this park. However, I had recalled someone posting a picture of the view from Alexandra Park, and I knew I had to make a trip there. We decided to walk up to the top of the park which is essentially up this steep path of pavement and stairs. Due to the earlier wet conditions, it was also incredibly muddy and slippery. The walk up is a short 15 minutes though I’d say and is definitely worth it! It was funny though when we realised most people who were up there had driven up, but hey, we went for the true experience of getting up there! The view did not disappoint and allowed us to see the entire Bath town center which actually look quite contained because the train line curves around it. I also really loved seeing how this town was surrounded by rolling hills in all directions.  I think this was probably my favourite part of this daytrip!


We made our way back to the town center before it was too dark and decided to end our trip with a visit to The Eastern Eye Indian restaurant. The interior was covered with huge beautiful mural and the whole atmosphere was quite grand. The food was 10/10 and I would highly recommend! We opted for a special that runs in the restaurant from Sunday to Wednesday which includes a choice of a starter and a main course all for 12.95 GBP. I had a Butty Kebab and a Mon Passand with chicken that was a lovely but incredibly spicy dish with yoghurt, masala, and a mix of herbs. I cannot recommend it more as the price and quality and quantity of the meal was amazing! With incredibly full stomachs, we were then on our way home



3 thoughts on “Roman(tic) Bath Daytrip

  1. Evangelina07 says:

    I have been there before but on a bus trip. I am going this year to London and would love to really just spend a day in Bath. How long is the train ride there?


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