Finally Going Home and Summer Plans!

So I am going home on Wednesday! It will officially have been 9 months and 12 days away from home. It really does feel surreal because I had this return flight booked since last summer. The date was always in the back of my mind, June 28th, 2017. As silly as this sounds, it was a big deal for me. It’s funny how whenever I tell other expat friends that moved over around the same time as I, that I haven’t gone back since I moved over, they are always surprised. Some of them have already made multiple trips back home. However, these 9 months definitely were more manageable because I had a best friend that came to visit, my constant communication with close friends from home, and I guess I developed a certain type of independence earlier on when my parent’s don’t even live in Vancouver anymore.  I remember when I went through some extreme homesick days where I felt that going home was months away and now I can count the days left on one hand.


I really didn’t think I could ever do it, leave a home that I love, but I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have to admit London is slowly growing on to me…not attached, but I will definitely be sad on the day that I will really have to leave. I’ve probably mentioned my expat experience thus far in a nutshell in my previous expat posts, but it really has been a rocky but valuable one. I’ve had an expat experience so far that has threw me out of my comfort zone. I have felt at my most confident and my least confident here. I do have a few things that I want to do and change when I come back in September…but I will save that for another post. This past year has got me thinking about if I continue my plan to pursue my masters for a year in 2018, I might want to be an expat again afterwards and move somewhere different. This sounds a bit crazy right now but moving to a different Canadian province or Asia for a year or so sounds pretty cool before I officially settle into my career. Don’t know how my parents will feel about that though ahah. I guess I always will have a thirst for new adventures.

As of now, I already have a lot of family dinners and friends dates lined up for my first few weeks back home. I am so excited to go back to exploring the beautiful hikes along the Pacific North West. I am so excited to fill my belly with delicious Asian food especially soup noodles and sushi that London hasn’t been able to offer. I also miss my good ol’ Honda Fit so much. Honestly though, I feel like I will be a bit rusty with driving but hopefully I will be full confidence after a few days of getting back in the groove since I have a few trips planned that require me to drive long distances.

The next two summer months I have a lot on my list, it’s going to be a very busy 2 months with a lot of confirmed plans and tentative plans but regardless, many things to look forward to! I will be creating a section for all the hiking trips I will be going in the Pacific North West as well. To give you a sneak peak of what to look forward to, below is a list of some of the things you can expect from my blog in the upcoming 2 months! I’ve listed them in the order that it will all more or less happen in. Be prepared for a lot of outdoorsy posts!



Sharon Cee’s Summer 2017 List (Hikes, Backpacking and Trips!)

  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Provincial Park
  • Stawamus Chief, Squamish BC
  • Panorama Ridge, Garibaldi Provincial Park
  • Bowen Island, BC (Mount Gardner Hike)
  • Widgeon Falls, BC
  • North Cascades National Park, WA
  • Georgia Backpacking, Svaneti Region

Now let me know, what are you looking forward to this summer?



6 thoughts on “Finally Going Home and Summer Plans!

  1. simplykailin says:

    Perhaps you can study your masters in a different province in Canada. I chose to study in another province and so far I think it’s a great experience!

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