My favourite city of lights…Hong Kong!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your 2018 so far and I wish that it will be another year full of good relationships, travel, adventure, growth, and happiness 🙂 I recently got back from my Asia trip and thought that I would blog about it, since it truly was an amazing trip and what better way to review it than by blogging about it?

I spent sometime in Hong Kong before my quick Osaka/Kyoto and Taipei trip, but I spent a good week and a half altogether in Hong Kong. This city never ceases to amaze me. I remember growing up, I would make the occasional trip to Hong Kong because I have a lot of family there, but I always hated it. I hated the intense humidity, the mosquitoes that love me, the dirty streets and old buildings, and my inability to just walk in any restaurant and read the menu. However all of these reasons are now the exact same reasons for why I love Hong Kong. It’s old school charm, proximity to nature, amazing street food and food in general, always leaves me wanting more. I already can’t wait to be back. Perhaps now that my brother and family has relocated to Hong Kong and China is also another reason why going back feels like a second home. I have been there enough times that I am familiar with the bustle of the city and I can make my way around quite comfortably with a bit of help from google maps and citymapper. Anyways, here is my highlight reel of what I did in Hong Kong!

1. Explored Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery. A very serene and nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, located right by Diamond Hill station.
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2. Explored the Central District and my first time at Victoria Harbour! I personally prefer the view from across at Tsim Tsai Tsui Promenade instead because you can catch all the high skyscrapers spread across Central District up to Wan Chai District. However, the area of Central is beautiful yet intimidating with sky high structures in all directions, an easy way to locate being the Financial hub. I also had the chance to take the Ferris Wheel which was only came up to 2 pounds for three rounds!

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3. Spent the day on Lantau Island. Thanks to my aunt, we were gifted the Ngong Ping 230 Fun Tickets which includes a glass bottom cable car experience and entrance to everything in Ngong Ping Village. My favourite was the walk up to Tian Tan Buddha! Lantau Island is a good area to immerse yourself into nature and next time I am back I would love to do Lantau Peak. I found Ngong Ping Village extremely touristy and you catch a glimpse of that even before you get on the cable car from Tung Chung since their is an outlet located right outside of Tung Chung Station.

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4. Explored my favourite parts of Hong Kong, the old districts of Sham Shui Po, Wan Chai, and Mong Kok. Sham Shui Po is the perfect place to find amazing food such as at this second place pictured. It was a true Hong Kong Experience where we had to share a tiny cramped table with others, waitresses are speaking loudly over customers to take orders, and the menu is solely in Chinese. I had to ask this nice old lady beside me what their famous beef and egg sandwich was called in Chinese haha. This was also my first time exploring Wan Chai which is filled with history with previous Japanese Occupation and signs of British Colonialism. It is also known for their bright coloured buildings. Lastly, Mong Kok is definitely my favourite. An area where old meets modern and is where no matter what time of the day you go, the sidewalks are crowded left to right. Here, you can get some good shopping done and if you can, get some good deals with some bargaining!

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Sham Shui Po



Bridge overlooking a random street in Wan Chai


Mong Kok at Night

5. Hiked up to Lion Rock Peak at Lion Rock Country Park. I have been wanting to do this hike since winter 2016 and it was so nice to finally complete it! I would recommend taking a taxi up to the start of the hike since the walk up from Wong Tai Sin Station was about a half an hour long in heat and a steep ascent on Shatin Pass road. The hike to the top took about 1 to 1.5 hours long. It wasn’t too busy when we were on our way up, but the top is quite busy with people taking pictures at the different view points offered. I would definitely recommend this hike for a clear or cloudy day, so long as the cloud coverage does not affect how far you can see. Unfortunately I went up when the sun was its highest so the gleam of the sun made it difficult to see, but I felt the haziness was a good representation of how Hong Kong is like 90% of the time. The viewpoints overlook Kowloon and if you can see far enough, the shores of of Hong Kong Island itself.

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6. Eat, eat, and eat! South East Asia is honestly my favourite place for food with its variety of Asian food (my absolute favourite!) and cheap prices. In Hong Kong, you definitely need to try the street foods that can be found in their older districts, such as at this place called Kai Kee for their curry fishballs in Mong Kong! I would also recommend going for dimsum, noodles, hotpot, and sushi!


These are just some of my highlights from my time in Hong Kong, but of course I can’t forget the amount of family plus eating with family time which is what I remember the most when I think about Hong Kong. Until next time, Hong Kong!

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