Hiking the Path of Gods

On our second full day in Positano, we had a lovely breakfast provided by our AirBnb host. I have to admit I have never had an interest in breakfast food until I moved to London, where a simple breakfast with eggs, bread, and some fruits won my heart over. We had a simple breakfast but it is just enough to make me feel full and energised for our hike ahead! Not to forget the beautiful view of Positano we had from enjoying our breakfast at 7am!


The Paths of God hike is one of the most popular hikes along the Amalfi Coast so there is a lot of information online about the route already. For the hike itself, we had quite the late start since we realised the bus we wanted to take from Amalfi to Bomerano runs once a day on Saturday, right at 12:30pm. We started our journey to Amalfi town by catching the SITA bus to Amalfi, which was about an hour long. We didn’t manage to see much of Amalfi but it definitely had a different touristy vibe than Positano. I felt that shops were bigger in Amalfi and there were a lot more souvenir shops. I prefer the steep cobbled streets for exploring Positano but to be fair we didn’t stray far from the harbour in Amalfi to find this. Andrea and I grabbed a quick lunch before catching our bus to Bomerano. Do note that Bomerano is a stop/town in the Agerola region so when looking for the bus, look for a bus to Agerola! Essentially you will be catching the bus at the huge bus stop right infront of the harbour where many coaches and buses are parked. There are no clear signs telling you where to wait so what we did was go half na hour early just to wait for the bus and to ensure we get a seat! The bus to Bomerano, situtated high up in the hills, was about 30 minutes long. Bomerano was incredibly quiet only filled with all the other tourists like us that had decided to do the Path of Gods, Sentiero Deghli Dei hike.


Amalfi Cathedral

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Cloudy start to our hike!

Once you get off the bus, we just followed the crowd of hikers to this outdoor square where there are signs directing us in the direction of the hike. The hike itself is very well marked and there were only one or two times where we were a bit confused. However, as long as you are following the signs pointing back to Positano, you are good to go. We started off our hike hiking in dark clouds and it was quite cold as well, but as we walked along the coastal trail heading North, we were greeted by breaks of sun! The trail is marked as intermediate and I would definitely say it is intermediate. The length is good because it was only about a 3.5 hour hike excluding the time taken from the end of the trail back to Positano. There are some steep parts but there is quite a variety of terrain so you won’t feel like you are heading uphill or downhill the entire time. Due to the one bus on Saturday’s situation, the trail was quite packed when we went. I would personally recommend going on a weekday and earlier in the morning as well, since we bumped into quite a few hiking groups with about 15-20 people which made it difficult to pass and to simply enjoy the sounds of nature.

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Getting closer to Positano!

The scenery along this coastal hike is absolutely beautiful though! We walked along unfamiliar vegetation, while the endless ocean to our left provided us with a sense of navigation! You will see Positano in the far distance but I recommend taking pictures when you are closer! There is the option to continue along the Sentiero Deghli Dei past Positanoth past Positano where you can go by Montepertuso but we opted for the option through Nocelle to Positano instead. Nocelle is a wonderful place to stop where you can get a quick drink of freshly squeezed juice before embarking on 1500 steps down to the motorway. Once you reach the motorway you can see Positano quite easily, but heading back requires walking on the motorway with cars and scooters moving alongside quite quickly!


I would definitely recommend this hike for all because you can definitely take it moderately slow like we did while enjoying the different views! There are no parts where ropes or a strenuous climb is necessary but you may need to use your hands at some point (to be fair I am quite short, so this is necessary to lift myself up ahah)! This really was a perfect day hiking that really makes me miss home. On a side note, I have been planning a lot of hiking and backpacking adventures for time back home from June 28th- August 8th! The Pacific Northwest is calling me!



5 thoughts on “Hiking the Path of Gods

      • Angie says:

        They are mostly in Washington State, as that is where I am from. Some of the famous ones everyone knows about are Mount Rainier, Orcas Island, etc. If I ever move back, I’m determined to do more all around, including Oregon and Vancouver, B.C.
        I look forward to seeing which hikes you end up doing! Enjoy your time back at home!


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